AGC Houston Hosts Annual Advocacy Clay Shoot

On February 8, 2022, with the support of the AGC Sporting Clays Event Committee, more than 240 novice shooters and marksmen participated in a tournament at the Greater Houston Gun Club. Many thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and to the teams that helped sell out the tournament, which benefits the Legislative Advocacy Fund.

Additionally, huge thanks to Rep. Tom Oliverson, Rep. Lacey Hull, Rep. Dennis Paul, and Rep. Ed Thompson for attending the event. 

For event photos, please view our Facebook gallery. 

If you enjoyed this event, save the date for next year. The 2023 Advocacy Sporting Clays Tournament will be on February 7th at the Greater Houston Gun Club. 

Central Course

1st Place Team: Building Concrete Solutions, LP (265)
Doug Gregory 
John Renken
Richard Jatzlau
Travis Moore

2nd Place Team: DBR Engineering Consultants, Inc. (251) 
Brian Jenkins
Danny Philips
David Pruitt
Adam Jones

3rd Place Team: Aggregate Technologies, Inc. (249)
Chris Allen
Kevin Treadwell
Ghost (x2)

Top Flurry Team: Building Concrete Solutions, LP (85)
Doug Gregory 
John Renken
Richard Jatzlau
Travis Moore

Highest Overall Shooter - Lady
Tara Anderson 

Highest Overall Shooter - Man
Doug Gregory 

East Course

1st Place Team: Raba Kistner, Inc. (252)
Scott Blank
Richard Hallmark
Brian Ash
Jason Worthy

2nd Place Team: Melton & Melton, LLP (244)
Dennis Descant
Clint Bennett
Mason McEntire
Todd Selby

3rd Place Team: J. T. B. Services, Inc. (231)
Zac Harrison
Blake Hayes
Bruce Bugier
Brian Bugier

Top Flurry Team: Raba Kistner, Inc. 
Scott Blank 
Richard Hallmark
Brian Ash
Jason Worthy

Highest Overall Shooter - Lady 
Michelle Allison

Highest Overall Shooter - Man 
Rick Emde


Thanks to our event sponsors

Shooters Gift: 
Cokinos | Young

Andrews Myers, PC

Peckar & Abramson, PC

Triangle Reproductions, Inc. 
Premium Raffle Sponsors:
Brookstone, LP
Raba Kistner, Inc. 
IronEdge Group
Insurepointe of Texas, Inc. 
Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. 
CFI Mechanical, Inc. 
BCSG Insurance Services
Cryostop, LLC

Pavilion Sponsors:
Enterprise Commercial Paving
EyeSite Surveillance, Inc. 
Fireproof Contractors, Inc.

Breakfast Sponsor: 
J. T. B. Services, Inc. 
Bar Sponsor: 
CORE Occupational Medicine 

Tournament Sponsor: 
Millis Development & Construction
Joslin Construction

Top Awards Sponsor: 
Sprouts Creations