Tech Talk 1.1 - Taking Technology to the Jobsite

Tech Talk 1.1 - Taking Technology to the Jobsite
The purpose of this program is to educate attendees on how PlanGrid keeps everyone working from the current drawings, generates greater efficiencies, facilitates collaboration and allows information to flow faster to/from the field; resulting in cost savings, reduced rework and generally creating a smarter workforce and increasing productivity in the field.

Course Content

1.  Learn the Benefits of Technology in the Field
2.  Attend a PlanGrid Micro Training Session
3.  Hear a from a panel of customers who will discuss their experience on roll-out, adoption, lessons learned and more.

Sponsored by PlanGrid 

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6/8/2017 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
3825 Dacoma Houston, TX 77092

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