Safety & Risk Management

Providing safe working conditions and educating employees on safe working habits can help prevent accidents, save lives, help to avoid citations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and lower your workers’ compensation costs. AGC Houston provides multiple services to help members improve safety on their jobsites.

AGC Houston has a full-time safety director who helps members and who offers advice on OSHA compliance matters and other government agencies. Some services offered by our Safety Director include:

  • Review of your safety program; Company Safety Policy development (manual preparation)
  • Ensuring you have all documents required by various government agencies
  • Inspecting jobsites for potential OSHA violations and unsafe acts or conditions; OSHA inspection (accompany inspector); OSHA conferences (attend with your representative); & video recording (upon request)
  • Training programs for employees on OSHA standards
  • Updates on OSHA regulations & other legislative changes
  • Safety library: videos, posters & other display materials
  • Telephone consultation and safety meetings
  • GC member jobsite inspections that Associate members can benefit from — visual inspection of hazards
  • HAZCOM requirements; federal & state requirements; and verbal reports
  • Company drug program development (policy/procedure/implementation)
  • Investigation of accidents

For assistance with your safety program, please contact Kim Mason.

AGC Houston / UT-Arlington Safety Training Partnership

OSHA Education Center – Training Schedule
Courses held at AGC Houston in partnership with UT-Arlington

AGC Houston is not an OSHA Training Institute Education Center, but serves as a Host-Training Organization for The University of Texas at Arlington OSHA Training Institute Education Center.

OSHA And Other Resources

OSHA Web Site
OSHA News Releases
OSHA en Espanol

Coronavirus Protection for You and Your Employees
We are still learning about the new coronavirus, but so far, the dedicated pages on the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website describe it as a very serious public health threat, based on current information, the immediate health risk from 2019-nCoV to the general American public is considered low at this time.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). Nevertheless, employers and individuals should monitor the CDC site, the World Health Organization and the OSHA websites dedicated to providing specific information about the evolving coronavirus outbreak. 

Read "Coronavirus: Key Issues For Employers" by Tony Stergio, Andrews Myers, PC, for helpful guidance. Download file below.

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