In November, AGC Houston donated $100,000 to the AGC Charities, Inc., the philanthropic arm of the Associated General Contractors of America, to help provide relief to construction workers affected by uncompensated losses caused by the hurricanes.

On January 19, 2018, AGC of America presented checks to 83 Houston-area construction workers amounting to $195,000 to help cover losses incurred as a result of Hurricane Harvey. The checks, which amount to $2,350 per construction worker, are intended to help employees of firms who belong to the association cover the costs of uninsured and uncompensated damages caused by the storm.

“In the days and weeks following Hurricane Harvey, we heard many stories from a number of our member companies about the devastation that many of their employees endured, and in many cases are still struggling to overcome,” stated AGC Houston President/CEO Jerry Nevlud. “I am really proud of how our board of directors was willing to step up to support our workforce.”

Dozens of construction firms, individuals and chapters of the association contributed to the effort.  The AGC of Houston was the largest single donor, providing $50,000 for victims of Hurricane Harvey as well as another $50,000 for victims in Puerto Rico of Hurricane Maria.  

AGC Houston Chairman James Bryant, Anslow Bryant Construction, Inc. stated: “We understand the extraordinary task of rebuilding that lies ahead, and while Houston has faced severe weather-related disasters in the past, industry and community have always joined together to rebuild our city and individual lives. In the past we know that our friends in Puerto Rico have stepped up to assist other cities impacted by natural disasters, and we just wanted them to know we are there for them as well.”

Many AGC Houston member companies set their own internal fund-raisers to help employees who suffered losses, including wages during that time. “This unprecedented event took a mental toll on many of our neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. Whether it was being displaced from their homes, losing belongings, remediating or rebuilding their homes, or just dealing with the stress of it all.”

Created a decade ago, AGC Charities provides a single place where contractors can come together to help communities and the commercial construction industry.  In addition to providing the hurricane assistance grants, the charitable group also recognizes construction firms’ good deeds, and arranges an annual charitable construction project known as Operation Opening Doors.