How To Join

General Contractors

Membership opportunities exist for General Contractors, either firms, partnerships, joint ventures or corporations who have been engaged for at least two years in Commercial General Contracting prior to applying for membership with AGC Houston, and who have established a reputation of Skill, Responsibility and Integrity.  Dues are assessed and collected as "project fees" on the basis of each specific contract to be performed.

For more information on becoming a  member contact the Membership Dept. at (713) 843-3700 or via email.

Specialty Contractors

Specialty Contractors typically share project risk and provide job site staffing; a trades Subcontractor to a General Contractor. 

Associate Membership

Associate membership opportunities exist for firms, partnership, joint ventures or corporations engaged in the capacity of manufacturer, supplier or distributor of job site materials equipment.  

Affiliate Members

Furnishes services related to, or derives a benefit from, the construction industry. Services provided include, but are not limited to: insurance, bonds, legal and accounting services and technology services, and vendors of support services or materials (computers and software, consulting services, construction drawings, financial services, communications services, messenger/delivery services, catering, etc.)  

To Join AGC Houston

Please download the Membership Application below. For questions regarding membership and benefits, please contact [email protected].
Membership Application

Become a Member/Find a Member

When you join a local AGC Chapter, you become a member of the national organization. Being active at both the local and national level is the best way to maximize your membership. Visit our membership page  for more information.