AGC Southwest Chapters Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan

AGC Houston is pleased to announce the merger of its 401 (k) Multiple Employer Plan with the Louisiana AGC’s MEP 401 (k) plan, which was officially signed Friday, February 28, 2014. The AGC Southwest Chapters 401(k)  is now one of the largest super-regional association retirement plans, representing more than  60 companies and approximately 4,500 employees participating between Texas and Louisiana. Benefits include:

  • Additional reduction in fees for all employees in the plan;

  • Merging of intellectual capital of two 401(k) committees with both chapters represented;

  • An even stronger focus on the laws and regulations in the retirement plan industry.

  • No annual audit;

  • Economies of scale on investment costs;

  • No individual Form 5500 reporting; minimal plan maintenance;

  • Flexible plan includes safe harbor, Roth and profit sharing;

  • Customizable 401(k) plan design options involving eligibility, matches, vesting schedules and more.

To learn more about the AGC Houston 401(k) plan, please contact R.W. Baird at 713-296-8066 or

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