AGC Southwest Chapters Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan

 The AGC Southwest Chapters 401(k)  is now one of the largest super-regional association retirement plans, representing more than  100 companies and holding assets of more than $350 million. AGC Houston, Louisiana AGC and TBB sponsor the plan. Your membership with Louisiana AGC or any AGC Building Branch Chapter in the state of Texas allows you to join our "closed" MEP as an adopting employer. "Closed" MEPs are permitted distinctive allowances by the DOL. There are no individual audits, no 5500 or other tasks affiliated with an "open" MEP or individual 401(k) plan for your company.

July 2019 Press Release

Employee Rebate - New!

The AGC SWC committee voted to refund approximately 5 BP annually to all participants. The will be applied in the first quarter of 2020.

Expense Ratio

Weighted average expense ratio per the 408(b)(2) fee disclosure

Employee Fees

$0 - Annual Per Participant Fee, other fees on investment, RMD's
$50 per occurrence for: Loan set up, loan maintenance (annual), distributions

Employer Fees

$0 - Audit, Record keeper, 3rd party administrator, amendment, installation fee (new plan)


$0 - Annual Webinar Series (14 per year), enrollment workbooks, on-site workshops (no minimum participant #)

Individual Company Highlights:

  • NO EMPLOYER FEES by record keeper or TPA
  • No Audit (Company level)
  • No 5500 (Company level)
  • No liability as Trustee, Plan Administrator or Named Fiduciary
  • Committee of peers manages plan
  • Dedicated support staff at all levels
  • Plan design flexibility at adopter level
  • Dedicated employer website
  • Dedicated employee website

For more information:  

To learn more about the AGC Houston 401(k) plan, please contact R.W. Baird at 713-296-8066 or

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When you join a local AGC Chapter, you become a member of the national organization. Being active at both the local and national level is the best way to maximize your membership. Visit our membership page  for more information.