AGC Houston Core Curriculum

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Texas Lien Laws 

This course will focus on lien notice deadlines and requirements for filing lien and bond claims; how to obtain forms to use for claims; how to obtain project information; how to avoid common problems when filing lien and bond claims; and how to document a claim and what is not covered by a lien or bond claim.

Advanced Texas Lien Laws

This course builds on the Texas Lien Laws Seminar and includes an advanced discussion of liens and how they are enforced. The session also covers a variety of payment topics such as spotting important issues in joint check agreements, the new law related to releases and the construction trust fund act.

Introduction to Construction Plan Reading & Specification Documents

The objective of this course is to give students a basic understanding of the language of building plans, specifications and other supporting documents used on a construction project.

Texas Sales and Use Taxes for Contractors

This program addresses the different tax responsibilities for lump sum and separated contracts; the different tax responsibilities for real property repair, remodeling, and maintenance; how to calculate and pay the appropriate local taxes; the effects of successor liability; and audit tips.

Contract Law

Learn what it takes to form a contract; the common issues associated with contract information, change, and enforcement that are applicable to project executives, contract administrators, and C-level executive.  This course will also cover contract basics, major differences between AIA documents and ConsensusDOCS, clauses that may be be enforceable or modified and understanding how contracts may be structured to provide  you with acceptable risks.

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