Hurricane and Disaster Relief Services

Though each situation is unique, any organization can be better prepared if it plans carefully, puts emergency procedures in place, and practices for emergencies of all kinds. AGC Houston has provided helpful information for you and your company below.

Harvey Relief Efforts: Members in the Community

AGC members are asked to contact Tamara Hancock to add your company to this list if you are offering relief support services.

AGC Charities, Inc.

AGC of America Sets Up Call For Funds For Hurricane Relief
AGC Charities, Inc. supports individuals in need throughout communities across the United States by providing disaster assistance to construction craft workers or other construction professionals who fall victim to natural or other catastrophes.
AGC Houston encourages all members to donate to the AGC Charities, Inc. to aid with disaster relief.

Attn Applicants: Once you have completed the paperwork associated with the AGC Charities application, please submit all queries and completed forms to

Related Resources

City Of Houston Releases Guide To Disaster Assistance Services  
Mayor's Office of Public Safety and the Office of Emergency Management provide a guide with detailed information about the types of federal, state and local disaster-assistance services available, for all Houstonians impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Houston Permit Office
The extended hours are specifically for Harvey Restoration Permitting (7:30am to 8:00am & 5:00pm to 6:30pm).
Extended hours at the Houston Permitting Center: As of 9/11/17, the HPC is operating under new extended hours: 7:00am to 7:00pm (basically for residential and for the rest of the year).
The hours open to the public will be 7:30am to 6:30pm.
OSHA Disaster Cleanup & Recovery PPE Matrix
Workers engaged in disaster cleanup and recovery activities may be exposed to a variety of hazards. A comprehensive list of potential hazards and controls, sorted by common tasks, can be found in OSHA's Hurricane eMatrix. Specialized operations, such as electrical power restoration, hazardous materials response, or confined space entry require controls specified in the applicable OSHA standards.
Ensuring Food Safety In The Aftermath Of A Natural Disaster
If any type of unexpected emergency strikes your community, you may not have access to fresh food, water or electricity for days, maybe weeks. The City of Houston Health Department has published  "Post Disaster Guidelines And Procedures" and offer additional resources related to food protection.

Worker Safety And Health Resources For Hurricane & Flood Cleanup  
OSHA has provided a safety and health resources guide to assist companies as workers help with flood cleanup and recovery. 
The information relates to:
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • General Response & Recovery
  • PPE 
  • Heat
  • Fall Protection

Greater Houston Partnership Offers Insight To Hurricane Harvey’s Impact
Hurricane Harvey’s economic impact will be greater than Hurricane Ike’s, and it is estimated that the total losses will be around $90 billion. The Greater Houston Partnership has released statistical data related to the hurricane and reports on its affect now and in the months to come in their monthly newsletter, The Economy At A Glance .

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