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AGC Endorses ConsensusDocs Contracts

AGC is a founding endorsing organization to the ConsensusDocs, a coalition comprising of 40 leading organizations (link is external). With a catalog of 100+ standard construction contracts (link is external), ConsensusDocs contracts help reduce costly claims and risk contingencies by fairly allocating risk and incorporating best practices with understandable contracts that facilitate contract administration.

Construction Practices Have Evolved, So Should Your Contracts
Whether working at the office, from the road or even at home, the ConsensusDocs platform provides instant access to your contract documents from any computer through a secure web-based portal. Simply log-in and your personalized dashboard makes it easy to locate recent projects, edit contracts, review changes made by your collaborators or start a new contract using any of our 100+ contracts. 

ConsensusDocs contracts are continuously updated to keep pace with the latest changes in construction practices and legal updates. From agreements specifically addressing issues such as building information modeling (BIM), green construction or design-build, our standardized contracts, developed by a coalition of leading industry experts, mean you are assured your projects have the best contractual foundation possible

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Contract Technology Platform

Access your contracts anytime through a secure personalized dashboard that makes it easy to edit, review changes, or start new a contract. The Platform is:
- EASY TO EDIT – Microsoft Word®-based technology for easy editing and collaboration
- EASY TO COLLABORATE – Invite anyone to collaborate on your contract for free - you control editing rights.
- CREATE FAVORITES – At the click of a button, save ConsensusDocs contracts modified to meet your unique needs
- VERSION CONTROL – Powerful comparison tools track all changes from the standard and each negotiated draft.

ConsensusDocs are the only standard contracts endorsed by 40 leading design and construction industry associations representing designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors and sureties, including the AGC of America.

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