AIA/AGC Joint Committee Publications

Associated General Contractors and American Institute of Architects Join Forces to Represent Industry

For over50 years, the AIA/AGC Joint Committee has provided a forum for the Design and Construction community to discuss pertinent issues related to the construction industry. The Committee’s goal is to promote cooperation among all the participants and to develop tools that support a collaborative process. One tool developed by this Committee is the Recommended Practices Manual, which is organized to reflect the typical project delivery flow from early planning stages, selection of construction delivery methods, cost estimating, construction cost proposals, through completion of construction and warranty.

The Recommended Practices Manual has been developed and is maintained by the AIA/AGC Joint Committee composed of members of the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Houston Chapter of the Associated General Contractors (AGC). The recommendations represent industry experience of previous and current members and have been ratified by the governing bodies of each organization. The Committee continues to update the manual to reflect progress in both the industry and in technology.

It is the goal of the AIA/AGC Joint Committee that these Recommended Practices serve as a guide and reference for architects, contractors, owners and other industry partners in the planning, designing and construction process. They are not intended to serve as the sole source of information for the undertaking of any project. Design or construction of any project has potential legal consequences and the committee recommends consultation with an attorney, if appropriate. Here’s a sneak peak at the topics covered:

Part 1: Documentation Preparation, Construction Delivery Methods
Part 2: Construction Costs
Part 3: Bidding Phase
Part 4: Contracts
Part 5: Construction Contract Administration

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