AGC Houston Honorary Life Members

These individuals are designated as Honorary Life Members due to their past service and dedication to the construction industry, and their exemplification of the AGC motto of Skill, Responsibility and Integrity. The date represents the year in which they were inducted as Honorary Life Members.

2018 – Don Jones, W.S. Bellows Construction Corp.

2018 – James Stephens, Tribble & Stephens Construction Corp.

2016 – Charles Nelson, Gilbane Building Company

2012 – Patrick J. Kiley, Kiley Advisors, LLC

2006 – Ernie Meyerson, Meyerson Const. Co.

2006 – Dave Chapman, Mayan Co., Gilbane Building Co

2006 – Ted Connor, W. S. Bellows Construction Corp.

2001 – Paul G. Bell, P.G. Bell Co., Amistad Construction

2001 – George F. Bellows, W. S. Bellows Construction Corp.

2001 – Bill Beard, Beard Construction Co.

2001 – Robert R. Fretz Sr., Fretz Construction Co.

2001 – Al Jensen, H.A. Lott, Inc.

2001 – E.L. Taylor,  E.L. Taylor Construction Co.

1990 – Joseph W. Baxter, Baxter Construction Co. Inc.

1990 – Richard “Dick” Lewis, AGC Houston

1990 – James K. Ross, Southwestern Construction Co., J.K. Ross Construction Co.

1988 – Jim M. Gribble, Farnsworth & Chamber Warrior Construction Co.

1988 – Fares Hanna, Hanna Construction Co.

1988 – Bill Howard, Howard Const. Co.

1988 – S.E. “Gene” Murphree, Gene Murphree Corp.

1987 – Howard Tellepsen Sr., Tellepsen Corporation

1986 – Roger Flanagan, Flanagan Construction Corp.

1986 – Harry Hutchens, Brown & Root, Inc.

1986 – Jim Stone, Stone Construction Co., Inc.

1986 – Homer W. Weaver, Homer F. Weaver Co.

1986 – Bill Woodruff, W.E. Woodruff Co. Inc.

1985 – Lee Scheffe, Scheffe Construction Co. Inc.

1984 – Alvin Lott,H.A. Lott, Inc.

1981 – Drymalla, Drymalla Const. Co.

1981 – C.A. “Deke” Bullen, Manhattan Const. Co.

1978 – Fred Fisher; Louis A. Fisher, Fisher Const. Co.

1978 – Leo E. Linbeck, Sr., Linbeck Const. Corp.

1978 – William B. Marshall; D.F. Van Cleve, Van Cleve Construction Co.

1973 – Tom Tellepsen, Tellepsen Construction Co.

1972 – H.F. “Red” Ulrich, Tellepsen Const. Co.

1967 – Edward A. Kruse

1966 – Russell W. Nix

1965 – Rose Smith, Rose Constructors

1964 – Bob O’Rourke, O’Rourke Const. Co.

1961 – B. W. Holtz, B. W. Holtz Co.

1961 – James R. Roberts, James R. Roberts Construction Co.; R. H. Reese, Sr.

1957 – Fred D. Flanders, Flanders Const. Co.

1956 – Lee E. Bond, Lee E. Bond Co.

1953 – James B. Dent, James B. Dent Co.

1951 – Otis S. Van de Mark

1946 – Chris J. Miller; Peter Miller; W.E. Woodruff, W.E. Woodruff Co.

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